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Ultralight Technology

Carbon Dome Cuben Fiber Tent At Murphy Mountaineering, we make some of the Lightest Freestanding Tents in the World. Using Ultralight Materials with custom Carbon Fiber tent poles, we've created an Ultralight Dome Tent weighing in at just over a pound. All of our Ultralight Tents are carefully designed with built-in vents to allow ample airflow and reduce condensation. If you're looking for the Lightest Shelters for Backpacking, our Ultralight Tents offer plenty of protection from the elements, while remaining light enough to knock down endless miles on the trail.

The material we use is an ultralight, high-end laminate fabric utilizing non-woven fibers. The material is completely waterproof, does not stretch and its strength to weight ratio is 15 times stronger than steel. The material we use is the lightest material on the market today that is still durable enough for use in Outdoor Gear products.

Carbon Dome Cuben Fiber Tent Most other freestanding tent manufacturers use aluminum poles in their tent designs. At Murphy Mountaineering, we only believe in using the Lightest Possible Materials, which is why we design all of our Ultralight Tents using Easton Mountaineering Carbon Fiber Tent Poles. By using Carbon Fiber tent poles we're able to build a solid freestanding tent that can stand up to the elements while remaining extremely lightweight. We paid great attention to detail when designing our Ultralight Backpacking Tents, using as little material as possible, while still creating shelters with a surprising amount of interior space for comfort.

Murphy Mountaineering is located in the small mountain town of Wrightwood, California, right off of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). We've designed our tents with PCT Hikers and other thru-hikers in mind. We guarantee our Ultralight Tents will suit all of your needs for Ultralight Backpacking or we will gladly accept returns with a full refund. If your tent ever needs repairs, just ship it back to us and we'll repair it for free in a timely manner so that you can get back out on the trail without much down time.